The orchards are situated to ANJOU, along the river La Mayenne.
Trees are cultivated in filtering grounds constituted of sand and clean soils.
These grounds, very convenient to the arboriculture, associated to the sweetness of the climate, get an excellent gustative quality to fruits.







The orchards of VAL DE LOIRE produce a dozen varieties of apples with certifications BEE FRIENDLY, HAUTE VALEUR ENVIRONNEMENTALE,  GLOBALG.A.P.
Our will is to choose fruits of an excellent quality by respecting scrupulously the environment, and through a clean and delicate picking.
The harvest takes place from September till October according to the varieties. Apples are collected in full maturity, requiring several picking under every tree. Fruits are then stored in wooden bins for a good preservation before the pressing.








Apples are artisanally pressed at the time of the harvest to find all the aromas of freshly picked fruits.
We develop a subtle mixture of  varieties to offer you this unique taste that will give you the sensation to bite the apple.

The selection of the apple varieties is essential in the elaboration of our juices. Every variety has its properties and it is their assembly which allows us to reach the sought taste, as with the grapes in the elaboration of wine..
Our recipes are 100% pure juice, without added sugar, without conservatives, without colorant, to protect all its gustative and nutritional values.
Our juice is unfiltered, the pulp of the apple settles naturally at the bottom of the bottle, what confers it its slightly turbid aspect.