Since 4 generations, our family cultivate apples with passion and exigency, by associating traditional farming and environmental protection.
We make every effort to offer you the best expression of our regional peculiarity.
We produce our juices looking for the taste above all.
We select the best fruits of orchards, to obtain an 100% oure juice that gives you the sensation to BITE THE APPLE.

Gilles Tessier – Sophie Lacharlotte -Founders







A bit of History…
Family history began August 11th, 1945, when Sophie LACHARLOTTE’s great-grandfather, in front of the Committee of the Society of Horticulture, proved that the method of « taille LORETTE » could be perfectly transposed into our region, into our climate, into our regional varieties.
In front of the successful results, the committee asked him to write a book on this new process.
The book was published in 1946. Since then, it is by hectares that in Anjou, the  » taille LORETTE « , propagated and taught by Léon MARCHAND, made numerous followers.